Get going on Forum™

1. Registration
Visit us at and register your company. The website gives each customer a unique Company ID which you must use thereon.

2. Installation
The Forum™ installation CD may be purchased from any of our Authorised Sales Partners. The Sales Partner will depute trained personnel to install the software. The clear guidelines given in the installation manual can also walk you step-by-step through the installation procedure. The software is so simple to use, users will be comfortable using it in course of a short demonstration by the installation staff.

3. Using the Micro-ERP
The Micro-ERP includes modules covering Sales, Purchase, Inventory and Accounts. A meticulously compiled user help manual combined with a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section equips users to find answers to their queries on features etc.

4. Implementing Almost-Continuous Replenishment
Forum™ enables users to implement a method of auto-generating Purchase Orders based on the stocks at hand, goods in transit and pending orders, all of which are tracked automatically within the Micro-ERP. Customers can have POs raised automatically at the click of a button, based on sales and inventory data. All they need to do is to review these POs, edit them if necessary and validate them. It will ensure that every supplier using Forum™ to link with its customers would be able to receive perhaps daily POs based on actual sales. It would allow suppliers to plan ahead and take necessary advance action.

7. Exchanging Information with Trading Partners
Users can take advantage of fast exchange of business documents like Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Invoices, Price change circulars etc. with trading partners through short connections with All that the user needs to do is:

l Complete transactions on the Micro-ERP
l Click on option to ready the files for sending to trading partners
l Activate Sify Online internet connection
l Click on Forum™ icon on the PC

This activates a program, which downloads all documents meant for receipt by the customer and uploads all documents created in the Micro-ERP for sending to trading partners. The uploaded / downloaded files include POs, Invoices etc. and also notifications about price changes in trading partners' catalogs, requests for connection from potential trading partners etc.

The documents received from trading partners may then be viewed and acted upon within the Micro-ERP.
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