Rapid Evolution Rapid evolution is no strange term to Forum, with several teams of Programmers working to change, enhance, adjust and grow to your demands with little to no effort at all as proven by our average track record of 7000 customers around the world.


Short implementation cycle Forum Software requires a very short implementation cycle - typically from two to three hours.


Latest database technology Forum utilizes Microsoft's latest SQL Server technology - This gives businesses higher stability, versatile scalability and added data security on a proven platform.


Latest .NET technology Forum utilizes Microsoft's latest .NET Technology - This gives your business the leading edge in software flexibility as well as compatibility for years to come. Most other packages are written in obsolete and more limited programming languages with less flexibility and shorter life spans.


Easy report customization and export functionality With Forum you can export and customize all reports within the program as well as add your own reports to fit whatever unique needs you may have.


Return on investment Forum gives an extremely high return on investment by increasing revenues, inventory control and business efficiency while keeping your cost of inventory management low.


Simple Customization options Customization with Forum is painless - Any free enhancement request will be added to the upcoming releases, or, if you need a modification now, we can tailor the software to your needs with very little extra cost, giving you immediate results.


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