About Forum™

What is Forum™?

The Forum™ is an essential part of the ‘Forum’ Forward Supply Chain Management solution.

It is a revolutionary software that.


  • l Allows corporate to enable their extended organization in linking to a unified system for managing the business activities.
  • l Connects supply chain members through the internet.
  • l Helps implement a continuous replenishment mechanism.
  • l Helps reduce inventory levels
  • l Cuts operations costs and
  • l Makes channel members more efficient

It can easily be rolled out in any distribution network.

What do you get from Forum™?

Forum™ contains

  • l Efficient in-built Inventory Management software which members of the distribution network can use to perform their routine operations like ordering, invoicing etc.
  • l Host of powerful features like Automatic Generation of Purchase Orders that would make inventory management really simple.


Further, Forum™ integrates the companies in the channel into a supply chain network through an effective communication layer that allows for exchange of business data including Purchase Orders, Invoices, and Stock Statements etc. Forum™ can also be integrated with any ERP through appropriate Middleware between the organizations.



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